Our projects, from area development

up to execution

Entrada Amsterdam

Well located suburban office area to be transformed into a new urban neighbourhood 

Amsterdam’s metro stop areas outside the ringroad have become popular for urban residents looking for living space just a few minutes away from Amsterdam’s historic city center. With Entrada, Redevco Living is creating an accessible and integrated residential neighbourhood precisely for this group of people. As we define a strategy for this area, we see potential for multiple concepts, including urban living.

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The project

  • 100,000 sqm GFA freehold new-builds to create a new neighborhood, LIFE owns 72%
  • Residential / urban living
  • Completion: 2025 (expected)
  • Redevco Living's role:
  • Development & Investment Management
  • Potentially urban living concept

The area

  • Adjoining metro stop Van de Madeweg and A19 motorway exit (Amsterdam ringroad)
  • Currently office park covering 7 buildings
  • Potential to create a little village of >1,000 units
  • Natural extension of Amsterdam as the city continues to expand

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Rivium Rotterdam

Unique development in Capelle, Rotterdam metropole

Situated close to the river Nieuwe Maas, at the doorstep to Rotterdam, is this 702-unit residential development of 72,000 sqm including social and commercial functions. It forms part of the Nieuwe Rivium regeneration, with 5,000 residential units, areas to work, shop, play and greenery. Just minutes away from the Metro, Erasmus University and Ringroad Rotterdam Rivium has all the ingredients to be transformed into an attractive and vibrant living area. 

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The project

  • 72,000 sqm GFA new build, 702 units
  • Mixed use: residential (for rent/sale)
  • Start construction estimated 2024-2025
  • Redevco Living's role:
    • Development & Investment Management
    • Potentially urban & senior living concept

The area

  • Rotterdam, close to Metrostop Capelsebrug and Erasmus University
  • Accessible via Ringroad A16
  • Excellent connection to city center
  • Creation of over 5,000 residential units by 2030 

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HS Kwartier The Hague

Urban development in the heart of The Hague

Situated along one of Holland’s busiest rail stations, the 90,000 sqm new build development will include an enticing mix of working, living and leisure concepts. Walking distance to the centre, biking distance to the beach and just minutes away from the train that can take you to Paris or London within three hours, HSK is the most dynamic project to take place in The Hague for years.

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The project

  • 90,000 sqm GFA new build
  • Mixed use: residential leisure and office
  • Completion: 2025
  • Redevco Living's role:
    • Development Management
    • Potentially urban living concept

The area

  • The Hague, next to Holland Spoor train station
  • >40,000 new residents by 2040
  • 79,000 employed people in immediate area
  • 30,000 students, yearly inflow ca. 7,000 of which 850 international
  • 200,000 visitors each day

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Hembrug Amsterdam

Large-scale urban regeneration scheme of an Amsterdam hotspot

Hembrug is one of the most interesting regeneration areas not only in the Netherlands but in Europe. This former ammunition factory site is still full of historic industrial buildings. Redevco Living will create a new urban city, nestled between forest and waterfront, as an attractive area to live, work, learn & play.

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The project

  • 180,000 sqm GFA, blending monumental buildings with complimentary new-builds
  • Area development: residential, retail, horeca, art, museums
  • Completion: phased between 2023 and 2028
  • Redevco Living's role:  
    • Development Management
    • Potential senior living concept

The area

  • 42.5-hectare total area incl. 12.5 ha of publicly accessible forest
  • ~100 existing buildings of which ~35 have monumental status
  • Art & culture breeding ground of Zaanstad
  • "Port of Amsterdam" - a gateway to the city

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Kop Boulevard Enschede

A serious residential impulse for Enschede

Near the German border, Enschede is a regional hub with a thriving student life. A magnet for young talent deserves a laboratory of entrepreneurial creativity. With Connect U, Redevco Living is transforming a former hospital into a thriving center of office space and co-living. Kop Boulevard will be a new large-scale residential area in the city center.

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The project

  • 60,000sqm GFA area development
  • Mixed use: 600 new-built residential dwellings combined with retail, horeca, office
  • Completion: 2025 (expected)
  • Joint venture with TenBrinke
  • Redevco Living's role:
    • Development Management

The area

  • Enschede city center
  • Connection between urban neighbourhoods: Enschede in the east and the city campus in the west
  • One of the last major inner-city development locations in Enschede

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HSK Offices The Hague

Repositioning office building into the breathing heart of HSK

Situated within the Holland Spoor Kwartier is HSK Offices, a dated 25,000 sqm building that Redevco Living will reposition into flex and tech offices, a meeting center by Postillion, with leisure space to provide a cool working experience. As part of the area transition, this asset is rebranded into HSK and used for placemaking. 

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The project

  • 25,000 sqm GFA
  • Offices and retail space regeneration
  • Completion: 2021
  • Redevco Living's role: 
  • Asset & Property management

The area

  • The Hague, next to Holland Spoor trainstation
  • >40,000 new residents by 2040
  • 79,000 employed people in immediate area
  • 30,000 students, yearly inflow ca. 7,000 of which 850 international 
  • 200,000 visitiors each day

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