About us



We are inspired by new ways

of working, playing and living


Our Dream

Our mission is to contribute to people's daily lives by facilitating new ways of working, playing and living. 

Our vision is to connect people, projects and capital with the goal to create and operate the next generation of (mixed-use) rental housing.

Our Story

In 2019 LIFE Europe was founded with the genuine ambition to contribute to the solution of today's housing market deficiencies. More specifically, to help the younger generation and senior generation to find appropriate living solutions. 

We want to take our responsibility. Therefore we focus on projects that will contribute to the long-term attractiveness of the areas we operate in. By breathing new life into local communities and adding mixed-use elements to our new built projects, we make the areas more lively. Hence, we like development and regentrification strategies. 

Through innovative branded concepts and sustainable, future-proof buildings we provide comfort and social cohesion to our residents. We offer durable rental housing investment opportunities to our capital partners while at the same time reducing our ecological footprint. 

In June 2023 LIFE Europe became a 100% owned Redevco company and continues its business under the name Redevco Living. 

Our Focus


We intend to grow a "next generation of rental housing" portfolio in Europe, starting in The Netherlands. We grow by delivering our existing development projects and through the acquisition of new projects.

Urban Living

All current and future projects should be able to be qualified as a CATO urban living branded concept. However, CATO is not prescriptive, it merely supports a way of thinking about nature, simplicity, intimacy, and connection. 


As a small firm, we pride ourselves on the institutional quality level of our work; from decision making, checks and balances up to the quality of timely reporting. 

Our Approach


Redevco, a subsidiary of COFRA Holding, is a European real estate urban regeneration specialist with a clear ambition to create positive impact by helping cities become more sustainable and liveable. With almost 25 years’ experience and strong financial backing, we deliver specialist investment strategies in urban real estate, focused on opportunities to repurpose to mixed-use, in the segments of living and leisure and hospitality as well as in retail warehouse parks, to generate above-average risk-adjusted returns for clients in selected core market segments. As a trusted and professional partner, Redevco invests in properties with a view to developing future-proof and vibrant places in dynamic urban locations where people want to live, work and play. Redevco is committed to becoming net zero carbon by 2040.